There are two schools of thought with regards to the engine warning light. The first is to simply ignore it. The problem will not go away, but many people feel that there is no reason to spend time and money investigating the fault, instead it is better to wait for the part to fail and then have it replaced. Some cars are infamous for having engine warning lights that stay lit for years without any obvious sign of a problem and this certainly helps to encourage complacency.

A regular car service is vital to keep your car running well. Car servicing has many benefits but the most important reason to service a car is to extend the life of all components; it costs a lot more to replace a broken part than it does to take good care of it. Every car comes with a recommended service interval which should be stated in your owner’s manual. Car manufacturers generally advise to service a car after a set number of miles. For example, Vauxhall recommend that a Corsa is serviced every 20,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.

Chelmsford Autos now has Volkswagen Transporter which allows us to recover break downs and also transport cars for our clients. We are fully insured. The transporter is a very reliable truck and is ideally suited for general recovery. The truck has a crew cab so we can safely transport you and your passengers along with your car in the event of a breakdown or accident.

We have just received delivery of a brand new top of the range Hoffman tyre fitting machine and wheel balancer. These are on an order only basis (next day) as we do not carry stock but are more than happy to get them in. We are also happy to tie this in with your MOT / service for your convenience. We can also “Stretch” tyres on to the rim for that stretched look which is a common for show cars nowadays. We do not recommend / possibly illegal (insert legal implications here) for you to drive your car on the road with stretched tyres but are happy to carry out this service for show cars.