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We are now an authorised MOT test centre.

Whether you drive a car or van, Class 4 or 7, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced and friendly team is committed to providing you with the best possible service, so you can be sure your vehicle is in safe hands.

We’re open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm, so give us a call on 01245 475050 to book your appointment. At Chelmsford Autos, we’re dedicated to keeping you on the road safely.

What is tested?

An MOT test is carried out to ensure that all cars are roadworthy and that both road safety and environmental standards are met.

MOT tests are extensive. They cover most electrics, especially the dashboard and speedometer, and glass and windscreens.

Engine warning lights can also cause a car to fail an MOT. If the warning light is indicating a possible problem this will have to be investigated and resolved before the car can pass. This is because a warning light could indicate a problem with steering control and brakes.

The mechanical checks include various under the bonnet checks of all moving parts, especially the steering box and its mountings. Checks are carried out under the vehicle for inappropriate repairs and modifications, leaks from the steering box, signs of corrosion or damage, misaligned components or damaged hoses.

Side lights, brake lights and headlamps are all also tested, as well as hazard lights and indicators.

Door catches and bonnet catches will also be tested to ensure that all doors close securely.

If any part of your car has been “playing up” a little recently it is advisable to have it checked prior to your MOT. Often seemingly minor problems can indicate mechanical failures which may become costly if emergency repairs are required during an MOT. Also, any delays during the MOT means you will be longer without your car, so getting everything checked and repaired before the MOT is due can save both time and money.

When to test?

All cars over three years old must be tested once a year. You can have your car tested up to one month before the current MOT expires. This gives you plenty of time to have the car serviced and checked for any potential repair work.

If your MOT has expired you cannot legally drive it on a road. We have a transporter and will transport your car to our garage for a pre-MOT check, deliver it to the MOT test centre and then return to you at your convenience.

As our MOTs are carried out at independent centres, with no vested interest in repairs to your vehicle, you can feel confident you’ll get the honest, unbiased MOT you are entitled to. If you would like to arrange your MOT, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Garage

We offer a comfortable, clean environment for customers whilst their vehicles are worked upon. Our workshop is fully equipped to handle a full range of garage services, and for our customers we offer a bright, comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi Internet access.

Collection & Delivery Service

We are pleased to offer a vehicle collection and delivery service for customers who would like to take advantage of our services.

We are also happy to deliver and collect customers too. If you need to do the shopping whilst we service your vehicle, that’s no problem.

Worried about your warranty?

If you have a nearly new vehicle, you may be concerned that using an independent garage will invalidate your warranty. Since 2004, the Office of Fair Trading has ensured that you are free to have your vehicle maintained where you wish, without invalidating your warranty. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

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